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Custom CheckBox using widget editor in Qliksense

Hi All,

  I want to create the custom checkbox using Qliksense widget editor, So please find the below details :- 

   <label class="lui-checkbox">
        <input class="lui-checkbox__input" type="checkbox" ng-click="app.variable.setContent('PWD','20');">
        <div class="lui-checkbox__check-wrap">
            <span class="lui-checkbox__check"></span>
             <span class="lui-checkbox__check-text">Switch to Complete Mode</span>

So here, PWD is the variable and I want to change the value on check and uncheck, Right using ng-click i can change the value but i am not able to find out the Checkbox is checked or unchecked,

 SO, On checked i want following :-


on unchecked i want following :- 



For More Details pls find the Images attachedimg_20200411(1).pngimg_20200411(2).pngimg_20200411.png

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