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Customized color scheme on Qlik Sense Server


Is it possible to make a custom stylesheet for to be applied on an app/stream/server somehow? Maybe accessed through a css or something? If yes, then where do i find that file?

Something similar to what we have in Qlikview would be nice: (Object Properties -> Colors -> Data Appearence) but i realize we aren't quite there yet with Sense, so basically any method of making another colour scheme than the default (company colors is often a MUST-have!) would be a huge upgrade

Thx everyone.

//René Iversen

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New week -> New possibilities for an answer?

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Rene

While this is not the answer, have a look in this thread regarding changing the color scheme / palette for Sense:

Access to CSS

Bottom line: It's not yet supported, but most likely will be. In the mean time, I'm working on finding a way to change the color scheme by changing the JSON scheme that the Qlik Sense Server links to as default. That way, you could leave the default theme in place and just change the link - so that you can revert to default when needed, for instance when upgrading the Sense installation.

I'll let you know if I figure it out