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Dear Qlik-Sense-Community,

i have one question about the "metadata" of datasources.

Here is my setting: You create a new datasource. When you do that, the qlik-sense-assistent let's u configure the "metadata" - the configurations, which are red outlined in the image below - about the datasource.

Unbenannt.pngThe question(s):

Condition for the question(s): I am not the person, who has created the datasource. But i need the informations about the datasource, somebody else has created.

Which function of which API provides informations about the datasource? Where, how does Qlik-Sense store those informations? Which object contains these informations?

I know, that those information should be stored in the "format specification item". And there is the "GetFileTableFields"-method of the Engine-JASON-API, which should provide that item. But that one doesn't do the trick. For my purposes, you need way to much information about the source, to get the information about the source with that specific method.

I'm sure, that Qlik-Sense has to store those informations somehow. But how do i get these informations as a software-developer. Especially, how do i get the informations, if  the datasource is a file and loaded through the data-editor.

Is there a object, which stores all those informations? If yes, which object is that and how can i access that object, if possible?

Any help from anybody woul be deeply appreciated.

With the most lovely regards

Dominik Hirsch

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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi, I also deal with this issue. My task is as follows: it is necessary to obtain information (metadata) on applications from Qlik Sense Enterprise in a strict hierarchy. For example: all info on Streems -> all info on Apps -> all info on Sheets -> all info on objects in sheets -> all info on each objects.


solution: Qlik Sense has many api and libraries, the only question is how to correctly call api and understand what methods can give the necessary information.