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Contributor II
Contributor II

Date Format Issue from Qlikview version 11 to version 12

Hi All,

I am facing issue in some expressions due to upgrade in version of QlikView from 11.2 to 12.4 SR2.

For Example: In Version 11.2, below expression is working correctly and showing data.Sales = sum({<[InvoiceDate]={">=$(=num(vStartDate))<=$(=num(vEndDate))"}>}NetSale)

where  variables vStartDate = Date(YearStart(Max([InvoiceDate]),0,4),'DD-MM-YYYY') and vEndDate = Date(Max([InvoiceDate]),'DD-MM-YYYY') are used.

But in version 12.4, for the same expression, no data displays . If I removes num from variable of date then it works perfectly fine. I have used this expression on a working dashboard in a lot of places, but after version upgrade all of them are disabled. 

As we figured out, we find that in version 12.4, max([Invoice Date]) gives result in date format (09/11/2015) but in version 11.2 it always returns value in number format(42317).

Please help me find out the Root Cause of this issue as it majorly affecting my work.

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Check your dollar expansions  $(=num(vStartDate))and $(=num(vEndDate)). Are they working as expected?

I would think that you need to expand your variables as well. Like this:



Contributor II
Contributor II


Thanks for the Reply. 

Actually my main concern is that In version 11.2 max([Invoice Date])  returns value in number format(42317) but in version 12.4, it is giving result in date format (09/11/2015). So I want to know is there any affect of version upgradation in the formatting of max(date) or there is some other reasons  affecting in behind. I know it seems very little query but extremely affecting the work. 

QlikView Version Date Format Qlik Expression Output
11.2 12/31/2013 max(date) 41639
12.4 01/18/2015 max(date) 01/18/2015

Thanks in Advance