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Creator III
Creator III

Date Island table difficulties. How to solve this problem?


I realise maybe this sounds a little vague but I am trying to see if there is a solution to this.

We have a Date Island table in Qlik which contains all the start and end dates of each month from 2012 to now.

This date island table is not associated with anything.

This date island table is created from a "Orders" table.

The date island table is then used for a Shipments table which is totally unconnected where using Set Analysis we compare a date in the shipments table against start and end date inside the date island table.

This makes the chart extremely performance heavy and takes over 5 minutes to load the chart!

How can I get rid of this date island approach which is used for comparison for the chart above?

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Hi Michael, It is hard to say without seeing. Maybe, you can share this expression..


Maybe you need to reverse the order of the datasets within the set analysis. Usually is something like this quite fast:

sum({< ShipmentDate = p(IslandOrderDate)>} Value)

maybe also with some <= >= against min/max(IslandOrderDate)

- Marcus