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Contributor III
Contributor III

Different levels of access to the same Application


I have recently developed a new sales application for our sales team with numerous sheets, some of which are relevant to sales reps and some of which are relevant to top level managers. I'm wondering what would be the best practice for deploying this now, so that the relevant people can only access the sheets that they are allowed to?

My first thought was to create two streams, one for sales reps and one for management and give them access accordingly in the QMC. But is this possible without having to have two duplicate versions of the same application to maintain? (i.e. is to possible to create a second application which takes the first application as its data source)

Alternatively, I'm guessing that I can grant access at sheet level using rules in the QMC, but is there an easy way to implement this without the risk of affecting / accidentally locking down other applications already in use?

 Or is there maybe another (simpler!) to achieve the desired results?

Many Thanks,



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Hi ,

You can implement the section access in your application to control role level access. there is no need to duplicate the app. one app can handle this.

search for section access - Qlik Sense


Hope this resolve your issue.
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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Vikas,

Thanks for your reply.

I have implemented Section Access to restrict data (for instance, sales people can only see their own customer accounts, whereas sales management can see the full picture). My problem is that some of the sheets designed for management are not suitable / relevant for sales people, so I was hoping to only give the sales people access to one set of sheets, and the management access to a different set. Just wondered what would be the best (easiest!) way of doing this?


Many Thanks