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Dimension Filter change One and Only one value property of another Dimension

Hello everyone, I have a problem that needs solving and let's see if you have a better solution than mine.

I am currently working on an app with many visualizations, dimensions and measures and for every visualization, I have different default measures depending on filters like time (if no FY is selected then they show values for current fiscal year, if no period is selected they show value for current period, if no location then they show values for Europe...and so on).

I did this using variables and set analysis mostly but this has led to large code on the measures.

Now to the problem; let's say I have the following scenario:

Let's say I have these 3 dimensions


What I need to implement is that if you select 'Spain' on the Destination dimension filter, it ignores the One and Only one selected property of the Spain dimension because I need the nulls too.

I would like to avoid going into every measure and use set analysis and getselectedcount, because there are many and the code is rather large due to the several default calculations based on other dimension filters.

Note that they either fill Spain with 'Spain' or leave it blank, and the same happens for Destination.

Thank you very much!


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