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Hi Guys,

Im abit stuck on a KPI for Networking Days, I'm trying to display the number of records where the time taken from an appointment request being submitted to it being scheduled is within 2 working days, however I only want to do this for each referral ID once where the first appointment is scheduled i.e. each Referral ID could be linked to multiple appointments. Currently I have:

(Sum(Aggr(If(NetWorkDays([Submission date], "Date Scheduled", '25/12/2017','26/12/2017','01/01/2018','01/01/2018','30/03/2018','02/04/2018','07/05/2018','07/05/2018','28/05/2018','28/05/2018','27/08/2018','27/08/2018','25/12/2018','26/12/2018','01/01/2019','01/01/2019') <= 3, 1, 0),[Referral ID])))

How do I modify this to only include the first Referral ID record?


i.e. if I had

Referral ID         Date Submitted       Date Scheduled


123                        10/02/2019               12/02/2019

123                        10/02/2019               17/02/2019


I would only want to include the first record.


Thanks in advance guys 🙂


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