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Contributor II
Contributor II

Dynamic Date Filtering for multiple Dates columns from multiple tables

Hello Everyone,


I am currently working in the latest version of Qlik Sense Enterprise and am developing an app (dashboard) that contains 6 sheets that are clickable via buttons on the page. 


There are 4 tables that each have different dates (disposition date, application date, due date, case create date)that are used to filter each specific sheet. I need to create a dynamic filter that will display the last 6 months for each sheet depending on which sheet is currently selected. 


I have tried creating a flag that will show the last 6 months but when i click the filter for the month on the sheet, the last flag filter doesn't clear. I have also tried using master calendars and auto calendar for monthsago to no luck. 


Does anyone have any recommendations on how to create a dynamic bookmark or filter for each sheet based on the date from the table that is used?


Any help is much appreciated as I have been banging my head on this for weeks!



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This may provide some help:



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