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FIlter pane based on year

Hello Qlik Community,


I have create two temporal dimension

YEAR = (2020,2019,2018....)

CATEGORY_YEAR = (year(today()), year(today())-1, 'BUDGET N', 'BUDGET N-1') = MAIN FILTER

BUDGET N is associated to current year


BUDGET N-1 is associated to previous year

What i want to do is use a filter pane that will allow me :

when i select a year  for instance YEAR = 2020 i want the category year tio be selected on current year and BUDGET

when i select year = 2019 i want the category year to be selected  on year(today()-1) and BUDGET N-1.

I have a issue because the user don't want me to display 'BUDGET' in the filter pane.


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