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Fetching data from SQL database and creating a different qvd for every hour in a day

Hi All,

I am trying to fetch data from SQL. I want an hourly refresh rate for my application. Let me explain my exact requirement..

I want to make a qvd from my dataset after every hour. Lets say I make a qvd for 1'oclock and it fetches 10 records. The next qvd has to be made at 2'oclock and lets assume there are 5 new records in the past 1 hour so the qvd created at 2'oclock will contain 15 records and so on...  So all in all there will be 24 separate qvds i.e One for each hour of the day and the last qvd will contain  all the records. 

But the key thing here is that I don't have any time or date fields in my dataset so maybe I'll have to use some variables and inbuilt functions of Qlik like today() but I would like an expert opinion on the correct approach to achieve this..


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