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Filtering in Map Visualization

Hello everyone, I would like if the following is possible:

We have data about train stations, their coordenates and the line they belong to, for example:

STATION      COORD          LINE

A                        [x,y]               ONE

B                        [x,y]               ONE

C                        [x,y]               ONE

D                       [x,y]                 TWO

E                       [x,y]                  TWO

F                       [x,y]                  TWO

G                      [x,y]                   TWO


We have this loaded in the app and shown in a point layer in a map visualization. The dimension is Station, the location are the coordenates and it is colored by a drill down dimension which is is type of station>Line.

What they want to achieve is that when they select a point in the map(a certain station), it will filter by the lane and display all the points of the line of the point you clicked, and not the point itself. In the example, when you click in the map the point of station G, the map will expand and show all points of Line TWO (D,E,F,G).

I'm not sure if this can be done by grouping in load script of twitching the map visualization 

Can this be done?

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To clarify a bit more. The map visualization shows all the points.

They are colored first by "type of line"(first dimension in the drilled down dimension used in the color expression".

What they want to do is click on the point ( which is a station) and act as if you filtered by the "Line" of that particular station....zooming on all the points(stations) that belong to that same line.

This looks tricky and difficult to achieve in my opinion, but if anyone has an idea I'm all ears.


Nobody has a solution for this?

I found a little improvement but not quite yet what we want to achieve.

By adding Line&Station to the dimension in the map visualization, I was able to select the Line and station by clicking on any point in the map, and then they would need to remove Station from the selection bar.