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Contributor III
Contributor III

Filtering just one chart on a sheet without effecting the global filter

Just getting started with Qlik so this may be a basic question but is there a way to filter just one chart on a sheet but not filter the other charts on the page in the same way (i.e. bypassing the global filter?)


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Specialist II
Specialist II

There are different ways to achieve what you are asking for, depending on how you want the end result to be:

1. Set Analysis

2. Alternate States

Contributor III
Contributor III

@anushree1 thanks. I know how to create the set that I want but I'm not sure how to add it to my chart given that it's actually based on a data-dimension which isn't being displayed. I can add it to the page using a global filter but I only want to filter the information in this one chart. 

Any further thoughts?