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Contributor II
Contributor II



Multiple values selection : Requirement is to copy and paste multiple values at a time from excel into column search filter which should retrieve only the multiple searched values. For example, for 10 different expense types, report filter should pop up only that 10 filters without any extra manual intervention to the values.

Solution we provided :

In this case when searching for multiple values in column filter we asked business to use either’ |’ symbol as a separator between values  and use double quotes for values with spaces in it which would retrieve only that 10 values.

However, In both of above two cases, Business doesn’t want to manually do anything while inputting values in column filters with either | or “ “  or ; which is an extra effort them. They want to see if there is any option which would enable them to directly copy and paste values from excel into Qlik column filters without any manual work.



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Creator III
Creator III

Check the extension if it will help. It is available on the Qlik developer site.