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Format number with the thousand separator in auto format mode


The client customise the abbreviation for big numbers, but want the exact value when it's under a million (with thousand separator).
The KPI chart doesn't display correctly the value. 


In the main script, the variables are on the ThousandSep & the NumericalAbbreviation.

SET ThousandSep="'";
SET DecimalSep='.';
SET MoneyThousandSep="'";
SET MoneyDecimalSep='.';
SET MoneyFormat='# ##0.00 CHF;-# ##0.00 CHF';
SET TimeFormat='hh:mm:ss';
SET DateFormat='DD.MM.YYYY';
SET TimestampFormat='DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss[.fff]';
SET FirstWeekDay=0;
SET BrokenWeeks=0;
SET ReferenceDay=4;
SET FirstMonthOfYear=1;
SET CollationLocale='fr-CH';
SET CreateSearchIndexOnReload=1;
SET MonthNames='janv.;févr.;mars;avr.;mai;juin;juil.;août;sept.;oct.;nov.;déc.';
SET LongMonthNames='janvier;février;mars;avril;mai;juin;juillet;août;septembre;octobre;novembre;décembre';
SET DayNames='lun.;mar.;mer.;jeu.;ven.;sam.;dim.';
SET LongDayNames='lundi;mardi;mercredi;jeudi;vendredi;samedi;dimanche';
SET NumericalAbbreviation='6:mio;9:mia;12:T;15:P;18:E;21:Z;24:Y;-3:m;-6:μ;-9:n;-12:p;-15:f;-18:a;-21:z;-24:y';
//SET NumericalAbbreviation='3:k;6:M;9:bn;12:T;15:P;18:E;21:Z;24:Y;-3:m;-6:μ;-9:n;-12:p;-15:f;-18:a;-21:z;-24:y';


When the number format is set to Number. The value is display with the thousand separator
2020-11-04 11_58_41-20201022_Qlik Sense .pngNo problem here


When the number format is set to Auto. The value is displays with the abbreviation (more than 1 million)2020-11-04 12_08_09-20201022_ Qlik Sense .pngThis is correct


When the number format is set to Auto. The value is displays with the abbreviation (less than 1 million, no abbreviation)

2020-11-04 12_14_11-20201022_Qlik Sense .pngNo thousand separator


Any ideas to this 'problem'? or a way to fix it? 
Thanks for your help.


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