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Contributor III
Contributor III

Generate a dynamic variable for evaluation / substitution

I want to dynamically generate a variable that can be evaluated.

These are the 2 methods that I have attempted but they are not working.

The dashKPI1% and dashKPI2% are names of selections the user can pick on the screen.


$('v' & only(dashKPI1%) & 'Revenue') - $('v' & only(dashKPI2%) & 'Revenue')

$(=('v' & only(dashKPI1%) & 'Revenue')) - $(=('v' & only(dashKPI2%) & 'Revenue'))


It should end up giving me something like $(vCurrentRevenue)-$(vPriorRevenue) and then display the number.

Any ideas?

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This should work as you have shown,

$(=('v' & only(dashKPI1%) & 'Revenue')) - $(=('v' & only(dashKPI2%) & 'Revenue'))

Although if user select more than one name selection at a time then it wont work if dashKPI1% & dashKPI2%  are fields.

Best way is to use variable for dashKPI1% & dashKPI2% to ensure one selection is made at a time.

Use dynamic variable and put value as  Concat(dashKPI1%,'|') to get it in drop down list.


Please show your entire table containing dashKPI1% & dashKPI2% !