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Contributor II
Contributor II

Get back responsive column width of simple table

Is there an option to get back responsive column width after manual changing (and apply changes to) it.

We have changed some tables but are not happy with the fixed column size, and i don't want to rebuild the tables.

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Creator III
Creator III

A sneaky way around this is to select the table, turn on chart suggestions, click OK, set the selected chart back to table (if it changed your type), then turn off chart suggestions. It'll reset you to responsive columns.
Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks. It works although I have to fix the following: 
- Sorting order of columns
- Conditional displaying of columns
- Column color formatting.

I still hope there will be a flag to put it on and off.
Is it possible to disable the option 'apply Changes permanently'?  Just to avoid someone replies yes and have to rebuild the table.