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Get previous value

Hello everyone

I am trying to create the same table as shown below in qliksense but i don't know how to get the second column.

As you can see the second column is calculated from the last one the issue is i don't know how to get the values from the last column et put it in the second one. also the yellow value is independent and the grey value is the sum of the second et the fifth column

i used this function to get the second column but the issue is i can ' t insert the yellow value, the yellow value is always equal to zero        

This is what i am trying but as I said it always put a 0 in the yellow section is there any solution?





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Partner - Creator III


How is your data filtered down to 2020 only? I suppose you are using a filter of some sort (year probably) and that's what applies the limitation on your data set. I guess the yellow value should be the value of 31st of Dec 2019.

The Above/Below functions only work on top of the chart prefiltered by your selections.


You need to do this on the back-end.

There is a way to do it on the front-end but it's crazy difficult and maintenance will be hell.


I hope that helps!

Kind regards,


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Partner - Contributor

Hello Stoyan,

This is just an example, not real data. I want to have the same result  as shown in the picture using qlik sense but when using the above function i get a zero in the first row instead i want to have a exact value here for example i have the yellow value


I think:

Alt(rangesum(above(Sum(Montant)), Sum(Montant))