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Contributor III
Contributor III

Getting error when displaying numbers in M and K


I want to show my numbers in Million and K.

I've searched and write following expression but it display wrong for number which is below 1 M.

for example attached file should show 500 K NOT 0M.

would you please help.

I've attached my file


Expression: =if(sum(REVENUE)>10000000,num(sum({<Year={"$(=Max(Year))"},Area_Category-={"Test","Free ShortCode","Xtratime","ACS"}>}REVENUE)/10000000, '#,##0M'),
if(sum(REVENUE)<=10000000,num(sum({<Year={"$(=Max(Year))"},Area_Category-={"Test","Free ShortCode","Xtratime","ACS"}>}REVENUE)/10, '#,##0K'),num(Sum(REVENUE),'#,##0')))

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