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Contributor II
Contributor II

Handling of system variables in partial load

Hello there,

I was trying to re-set a system variable (the HidePrefix) in a partial load. My goal was the possibility to change this without having to do a full reload (script takes like 10 minutes).  I tried it with

if not isPartialReload()

Set HidePrefix = '_';


Set HidePrefix= '&'; // just to have a different value and make my dimensions visible again
Exit Script;

end if

But after the partial reload, I still can´t see the Dimensions starting with '_'. The Script log looks like the variable was correctly set.

Am I missing something?

I need to see the Dimenison in the "Fields" List of an App to add the checkmark "Always one value selected".  So maybe there is another solution for that.

Thank you in advance




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