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Creator III
Creator III

Help needed in set analysis

Hi All,

we have to implement the below where conditions in the set analysis.

where source_system='SR' and  source_objects not like '%MRP%' and source_objects like '%FOS%' and Transaction_Type<>'Post2Pre' and Flg_Partial_Churn=0


My set expression is :

Count({< Transaction_Type =- {"Post2Pre"}, Flg_Partial_Churn = {0},Source_Objects = {"FOS"},

Source_Objects =- {"MRP"},Source_Objects -= {"= index(Source_Objects,'MRP+FOS')>0"} >}Source_Subscription_Id)


There is a value in the source_objects column which is MRP+FOS which should be avoided. 

conditions : Source_Objects should include FOS and Avoid MRP and also should avoid FOS+MRP combinations as well.


Thanks much in advance.


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Creator III
Creator III

Hi @vishalgoud ,

Looks almost correct. The syntax for excluding a set is around the other way ("-=") and the "like" search option is with a "*".   Try like below:

count({$<source_system={'SR'}, source_objects-={"*MRP*", "*FOS*"}, Transaction_Type-={'Post2Pre'}, Flg_Partial_Churn={0}>}Source_Subscription_Id)

For reference, I go back to this PDF I found online. I have found it an invaluable resource.

I hope this helps.