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How Section access affects size and performance?

Dear experts!

I'm experiencing problems with some apps due to its large size. I was wondering how the section access could help me to improve the performance of the apps and the environment. I've read many posts and watched some videos talking about security and privacy but couldn't find anything about performance.

How does section access affects the size of the app?


App size 1  gB

User1: access to 50% data

User2: access to 100% data

In this example, will User1 have less impact in the system perfomance than User2? I'm interested in knowing how section access can also help to improve the performance when multiple users are working with different percentages  of data in a large size app.


Thanks in advance!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Section access is applied during the opening of an application. This means the opening time should be higher with section as without it. I read about it but never measured it directly. Currently I don't remember of having seen a significantly delaying and therefore I think it could be neglected - in opposite of using any compression.

But if the application is opened the lesser amount of data would have an impact to speed up the performance. How much is rather hard to estimate and will depend on various factors. Especially difficult to guess will be how much a certain data-reduction effects the size of the remaining data-set because the reduction must not mandatory have a linear impact else may be exponential.

Most of the applications in which we use a section access the data-reduction is by around 80% - 90% for the restricted users and the influence on the performance is very obviously - the speed is significantly better. Therefore I suggest you give it a try.   


Thanks @marcus_sommer , I assummed performance would be better with SA, but I wasn't sure how SA works, didn't know if the app actually had less data or it was just hidden to the user.


Thanks again for your answer.