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Contributor III
Contributor III

How does Insights Advisor filter on the correct Date field?


We are developing using Insights Advisor for the latest Nov 2020 release. Within our data we have multiple Date fields. However, only one of them is the main Date field used (lets call it Date_1). We want Insights Advisor to use this Date_1 field as the default, so queries such as "Show me Sales for Last Year" would have Insights Advisor to filter Date_1 >=1/1/2019 and <=12/31/2019.

However, we are seeing inconsistent behavior in that Insight Advisor would default to other Date fields (such as Date_2 and Date_3 for example) when querying.

I was wondering if there was a way to set the default date that Insights Advisor would filter on for time based queries )Date_1), but also be able to query based on Date_2 and Date_3 if the user specified in the query ("Show me Sales for Last Year using Date_2")

I know you can create a Year field based on Date_1 and have the user select a '2019' value. However, we want to maintain for user experience just the simple format "This Year" "Last Year" "Last Month" etc

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