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How to Remove null values from measures?

To remove Null from dimension, we uncheck the Show Null check-box. Now my question is when i create a measure the show null value option is not available so how can i remove null values from the measure that i created? or if u can provide me with an alternate method to remove null values from measures.

Thank you in advance.

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Open the chart properties, then go to

Add-Ons -> Data processing (or similar, 'Data handling'? I am not using the english version) -> Disable 'Show NULL values'

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Brazil,

Try the following formula like method, if you think a null value as 0:

=if(your expression=0,'',your expression)

Then you should disable show null values.

If you already have Null as measure, just uncheck the sow nulls chechkbox.


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you could add the measure into an IF statement in your dimension:


then when you hide nulls on this dimension, it will hide your null measures.