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Partner - Creator

How to apply section access by two fields ?

Hi all ,

I have an qliksense application in which users are given section access by category field .

these users are from to sectors AD and FD 

Now they want section access by Category and Sector also , but sector is not in the data model .

Even if is bring sector in the data model ,how will i link the section access file ?

Can anyone help me in this .

Thanks in advance  .

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Not sure I understand, if sector is not part of the model, what is the logic behind using the information for access control?

If you can add the field, and the logic is simple, then you can just use both fields as reduction fields.

For more advanced logics, have a read of

Data Reduction Using Multiple Fields

Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Hi Gaurav,

You need to create composite key of using those field in Section access as well as data .

Then it will work .

Like below :

In section access :

Field1&_&Field2 as CompositKey,

Same in Data table:

Field1&_&Field2 as CompositKey,


Arvind Patil