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How to bookmark and clear input box (Extension) in Qlik Sense

Hi All,

I am working with Input Box Extension variable in Qlik sense to perform certain operations. Is there a way to Create a bookmark of the entry in the input box ?

Ex: I type 'Qlik' in the input box and bookmarked it. I clear it and enter something else. Now I click on bookmark and it should display Qlik. I tried this but it doesn't work.

Also, is there a easy way to clear all the entries that were entered in the input boxes ?

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Bookmark feature is default for Qliksense. No need any third party software. Is that not working?

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Bookmark on normal charts works fine. I am trying to bookmark an entry in the inputbox in Qlik Sense. 


I figured out how to clear the input box. This is using a button. Please find steps below.

1) Create a button using qsvariable extension. QsVariable in Qlik Sense 

2) Select the desired input box variable from variable drop down.

3) Select Dynamic in the values and leave the value as empty

Now, when you enter a text/value in the input box variable and click on the button it clear the value automatically. In fact it is replacing the value in the input box with empty characters.

I am still looking for how to bookmark input box value