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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to get a time series while a date is picked? (SET Analysis)


i have a fact table employee data and using including date like (MonthYear, Year, Month etc.). For my App i'm mainly working with a one selected MonthYear per time . Until today. Because i just want to know "how much in month feb 21".

I would like to extend my analysis to include time series and time comparisons. For hours I have been testing different calculus formulas. Unsuccessfully. 

Formulae such as




=Sum({1<MonthYear={ ">=2022" }>}{$<#Company={ [#Company] }>}[NumOfEmploye)



The Problem: MonthYear is alawys selected (due to all other reports).

2nd Problem. If i work with the Identier "1" it coudl work, but i need the drill through the companies. At the 2nd  formula u see how i try to combine the identifier "1" und "$", but it doesnt work. Formular 1 is working for e.g. Buttons, but not for visual comparsion like bar chart.  How to deal with single data points in visualisations?

I want to have time series in bar or line charts or monthly comparisons. 

Whats is the best practise solution to my problem?


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Champion III
Champion III

You can base your calculations on the Date field as below 

For example Consider monthyear March-22 is selected

Expression for Previous Month(Feb 22)






Expression for YTD 2022




Vineeth Pujari
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