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Creator III
Creator III

How to pick the Max value from the column and use it in the Set expression..?

Got this interesting requirement into my bucket. 

attached is the sample data, I have field called Scenario which have values like jan Target, Feb target, Roll 0+12, Roll 1+11 etc.

every month new target will be added and new Roll get updated for the entire set. So now entire set of records available for each roll. but I have to consider the latest Roll into my set expression.

My Roll should pick the updated or latest one, which is Roll 1+11 as per the sample data.

Roll x+y where x is the current month -2 and y is 12-x..

the total sum of x+y should be 12..

It would be really great and helpful if some one provide the logic to achieve it. 

Attaching the excel for sample. 

 @Anil_Babu_Samineni @sunny_talwar @jagan @jonathandienst @swuehl  @tresesco Any other expert.

please let me know if anything is not clear.

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