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How to show two different reference lines (Add-ons) based on alternative dimensions in Bar chart


In a visualization, I have added five(5) alternative dimensions and a single measure. Dimensions are - Week, Month, Year, Date, and Quarter. And in measure, I just add ex; count(distinct new_customers).

Now I want to add two reference lines like- monthly target line for monthly data and weekly target line for weekly data.

Here target data for monthly and weekly is different. My goal is to plot this reference line and show the weekly target line when we select the week dimension and the monthly target line when we select the monthly dimension, and for others, we don't need to show any line.

I have found an option for show conditions in there, but not sure how to implement this based on the alternative dimension selection.



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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II


I have a different idea on how to visualise this. You could use a bullet chart rather than a bar/line chart and include your target values in the data rather than in the chart. I'm thinking along the lines of having a daily target only and then multiply that target by the number of days in the period that you are displaying - 7 for weekly. You can do that in the expression for the target line in the bullet chart.

I have not tried this but I think it might get you to where you want to go.

Cheers, Barnaby.

Barnaby Dunn
BI Consultant

G'day Barnaby, Thanks for your nice idea. Lastly, I come up with a solution by using 'Container' and slide view.