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Creator II
Creator II

How to start QlikSense task externally


Can anyone suggest how to start a QlikSense Server task externally using ssis scheduler?

Actually we use Microsoft SSIS to update our SQL data table. When table is updated we would like to start a reload task on our QlikSense server for an app.

As of now our tasks are scheduled independent of SQL table but now we want to automate reload task of an app just after SQL table update.


Ram Krishna

2 Replies


To Load the data into the app. Please refer to below link:


To automate reload task of an app just after SQL table update. Please refer to below article:


Also there is an extension to reload the task. Please refer below link:


The easiest way is to add a new task at the end in the SSIS package (Execute Task) which just needs the command line so it will be path to your .qvw with a /r switch.
This might help ...

Let us know your feedback.



Padma Priya

Senior Technical Support Engineer-Qlik Support

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