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How to use imported excel data in formula



I have loaded excel sales cost sheet into Qlik Sense, there are x numbers of categories with diffrent prices. I then combined this with data from the sales systems database. When I look at each category the turnover looks correct (Cost Category A x 50 units = X). But when I try to summarize my total sales cost I have to use an aggrevation which is not possible in this case, how should I do to get the total sum of all categories? 

"Count(distinct transactions) x Sales Cost"

Thanks in advance for your help with this!



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Partner - Master III

need a lot more information i am afrai.

Make sure the excel is linked correctly to your main table in the qlik app with correct column names


Hi, thanks for your reply.


It should be correctly connected since I'm able to get the correct numbers when put it on a table and display each cost category togewhter with the product separately. It's when I try to put in the formula in a KPI figure (since I'm interested to know the total cost dispite category, and then use my filters to indentify total cost per area) it doesn't work. It only asking me to aggregate, but if I do that the uniqe category cost blends out and is no longer accurate.