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Iframe embedding not working with Qlik Sense Business

When attempting to embed Qlik Sense in an iFrame, the iFrame does not render (refused to connect) when attempting to access the page from a machine outside the Qlik server.

Is virtual proxy is not supported in Qlik Business? If so what is the workaround?

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This is likely an authentication issue, if you are not already authenticated you should be prompted with login, however this won't load in an iFrame. Here's an example: Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS: How to embed a chart i... - Qlik Community - 1711503


Hi Mario,

Thanks for reaching out!

I tried the solution given in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS: How to embed a chart i... - Qlik Community - 1711503 . By exposing a local apache server using ngrok ( and adding the origin in Qlik as mentioned in the link above.  Seems like the authorization issue is now resolved but it is stuck in an infinite loop(reloading) and nothing appears in the browser.

Is this a known issue? Or am I missing something? 

PS: I am using Qlik Business, does that affect the solution mentioned above in any way?

Please find attached the landing page for my server application.