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Implementation Guide Lines for Logging Mechanism on Database based reporting solution

Hello All,
I read about various types of logging as below:
◦Access Logs
◦Audit Logs
◦Event Logs
◦Network Logs
◦System Logs
I am not sure if I completely understand key differences in all of these logging mechanism because more or less every log seems to be based on who did what and when.
It will be great if you can help with insight on:
1.What is key difference between various logging mechanism listed in above?
2.Which logging mechanism is recommended for information system to generate  real time reports from Normalized Relational DB (Oracle 12c).
3.Can we have one log which comprise of all logs in above?
4.Is any of above logging mechanism inbuilt feature of Oracle 12c to capture activities related to data access, modification and deletion and I do  not need to design explicitly?
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