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Contributor III
Contributor III

Indirect Set Analysis

Hi All,

Not sure if Indirect Set Analysis is what I need but maybe it is!

I have a moves table, which details all moves and a visit that those moves are associated to. hen I have a Visit table which details information on the visit itself. If I select a visit I can see all of those associated moves no problem.

However, what I am trying to find is all moves that occurred in the time between minimum move time and maximum move time when a visit is selected (not just those directly associated).

So Visit 1 could have had 5 moves directly associated (14/07/2020 00:00, 14/07/2020 00:05, 14/07/2020 00:07, 14/07/2020 00:11, 14/07/2020 00:13). But between 14/07/2020 00:00 and 14/07/2020 00:13 there may have been a total of 10 moves (5 associated to visit 1 and 5 associated to other visits).

What would be the best process for this?

I tired something along these lines but without any luck:

Sum({$<[Move Kind]=P({1<[Time of Put]={">Min([Time of Put])<Max([Time of Put])"}>}[Move Kind])>}[Move Counter])


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