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Contributor III
Contributor III

Install third part certificate in Apache using QAP Sense 3.x

Dear fellows,

I am trying to apply a third party certificate in a Win Server 2012 R2, issued to and applied by Apache v2.4.

So far, everything is working just fine:


But, when the website makes a call to load the charts from Sense (embedded by iframes), it received an error saying that certificate is invalid (above in the print):


To solve this problem, i tried to replace the self-signed certificate in QMC (i followed the procedures described in the link: ), using the thumbprint from the new certificate after the installation in Windows Certificate Store,but i couldn't validate it.

Please, how can i make sure of the substitution is working and the charts in Sense be loaded ?


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Problem solved! The trick was in exchange for the main certificate that was containing the private key, imported in the Current User\Personal folder of the Windows Certificate Store.

Now the question is another one: the certificate was issued to the address, but the graphs are called as


How can I do the applied certificate to the Sense answer by the URL and not by the hostname ?