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Issues with difference between QlikSense Desktop and Server versions following upgrade.

We have several developers who develop on the standalone Desktop Version of QlikSense, and then deploy to end-users on our QlikSense Server, and this has worked without issues for some time. A limited number of our developers have read/write access to the Apps folder on the server to enable them to copy over the updated apps.

However, last Monday none of the desktop versions would load for our developers and we just got white screens when the Desktop application started. Following various suggestions on the forums we found two workarounds : those users with read/write access to the Hub were able to edit the QVF apps directly in the server Apps folder using QlikSense Server, while for those without write access the only solution that worked for us was to re-install the latest version of the desktop exe.  However when we did the reinstall we found a number of issues in the new standalone version, including (so far) :

a) Bar Charts : if we use more than one dimension on the X-axis and use filters on these dimensions, the filter results are not displaying correctly and null values are appearing in the chart. We found a temporary fix for this by selecting and unselecting the 'Show Null Values' option, but the issue re-appears if you leave and go back into the chart at a later stage.

b) Chart Functionality (all charts) : Legend Header appears as the original field name rather than the assigned label.

c) Map Error : not displaying measures correctly e.g. if we include a measure by location it just displays a blank map with no data points.

d) Map Error: colour by expression does not appear to work correctly e.g. if we use a match function, all points come out grey or null.

Are these issues that other QlikSense users have found or is there an issue with our installation? Is there any particular reason why the issue would have arisen out of the blue last Monday?

In case it might be relevant, we had an issue with the updates where initially the installations failed a few seconds into the install process. We identified that the issue appeared to relate to the fact that, by default, our development laptops are set up to automatically re-assign our local My Documents etc to our corporate server, for backup/off site purposes. We got around this by temporarily resetting our Windows Registries to assign the QlikSense installations to our local drives and could proceed with the installs without further incidents (this had not been an issue when installing the previous versions of the Standalone Desktop). None of the above issues apply when the apps are edited directly on the QlikSense server.

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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III


i am just curios, as qlik sense is client server , why doesn't all your developers use the sense server

to develop their apps, and than the administrators will publish those apps to the right stream

why do you use desktop for development


Purely for operational/security reasons. Corporate governance want to limit write access to the server. This issue, however, has given us an opportunity to ask for that to be expanded.