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Issues with join on Master Calendar

Hi all - 


I am having an issue with a join on the master calendar I created. I have an excel spreadsheet that contains the fiscal month name, and the expected number (20) for each month. I joined that fiscal month with the fiscal month in the master calendar.  The only dimension in this graph is joined value fmonth-fiscalmonth. For the dimensions I have the actual values accounted for in 2017,2018,2019 as well as the target numbers. As you can see, the x axis contains the fiscal month name and the projected numbers, as well as the fiscal month number and the actuals from previous years on the right. Essentially, I need them all conglomerated by fiscal month name, with the blue number projections in an upward slope overtop of them, as we are trying to create a sloped line projection/expectation.


I have changed the spreadsheet and tried joining on fiscal month number, joining fiscal month number with fiscal month name, and many other combinations. I have no clue why this is happening, or why the fiscal month names are out of order on the left. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!!



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Can you please post sample data and rough image of what you are expecting.