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Contributor III

JSON properties for Bullet Chart


I am trying to use a custom theme in Qlik Sense Cloud.  I have add a lot of success following the JSON properties provided in the online help guide: however the properties for the Bullet Chart are incorrect and do not work as provided in the documentation. 

Does anyone have the correct properties for adjusting the theme JSON file? I have been trying to adjust the value label color. Based on my dark theme, the default color is unreadable. 

I was able to finally adjust the title color when I determined that the JSON property for the chart is "bulletchart" rather than "bulletChart" which is what is provided in the help file. However the label color properties do not work as listed in the help file. 

Thanks for any help possible. 



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One idea is to compare your custom theme properties with this external one, which we tried (no endorsement implied).  In our test using this, bullet chart label color changes worked:

Your issue is being researched internally, and we want to make sure the Help documentation is accurate.