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Join or concatenate 7 fact tables (and their dimensions)



We have 7 fact tables revolving around the same subject.

Together, they form a sort of "snowflake" fact tables schema.

There is a "base" fact table and the other tables have a many-to-many relationship with it.

I've loaded the data into Qlik and let it do its magic to auto-join the data and while it kinda gives me what I need (without the dimensions), I'd like to move away from a synthetic table.


Normally I'd try concatenating the tables together but in this case, I wasn't getting the result I wanted.

I need to keep 

Here's the Qlik Data Model:

Qlik Data Model with Synthetic KeyQlik Data Model with Synthetic Key

Here's the data in SQL with some samples.

SQL Tables and Data SampleSQL Tables and Data Sample

Here's what I'm looking for:

Result  without concatenateResult without concatenate

Here's what I'm getting when concatenating the data.Result with concatenateResult with concatenate

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