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Contributor II
Contributor II

Left Join

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to join multiple tables in order to make links between my tables and I'm facing an issue when "creating" a new field.

Table 1 - Invoice

  • InvoiceId
  • InvoiceDate
  • JnlType
  • InvoiceNo
  • InvoiceSite

Table 2 - Order 

  • InvoiceId
  • DeliveryClientNo

Table 3 - Client

  • DeliveryClientNo
  • ClientNo

Table 4 - ClientMovement

  • ID ( which can be obtained with ->Year(InvoiceDate)&JnlType&InvoiceNo&InvoiceSite&ClientNo)


So, I made this but I'm stuck for 2 reasons.

     Year(FactDate) &'|'& FactJournal &'|'& FactNo &'|'& FactSite AS ClientDocNo
FROM [lib://.../invoice.qvd] (qvd);

LEFT JOIN([Invoice])
FROM [lib://...Order.qvd] (qvd);

LEFT JOIN[Invoice])
FROM [lib://.../Client.qvd] (qvd);


After that, i do not know how to make my link between my CLIENT and INVOICE table and to create the field I need for having the ID of table 4.


Can someone please help me?

Have a nice day

1 Reply

Since you've used LEFT JOIN, there is no longer a Client table - its fields would be contained within the Invoice table. Note that the additional fields you need for your key don't appear to be in the load script, so you'll want to add them.

You can e.g.


Load *, Field1 & Field2 as NewKey

Resident Invoices

Drop Table Invoices;

Or you could:

Left Join(Invoices)

Load SomeUniqueID, Field1 & Field2 as NewKey

Resident Invoices;