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Contributor III
Contributor III

Limiting a Reload Time at environment level

Hello Qlik Experts,

Request your guidance on one of the situation.

We would like to limit reload time of jobs at environment level, so that no job runs beyond 2 hours.

We tried the setting in QMC -> Engine -> Reload Time Out (seconds). - But even after applying this, it doesn't work as expected, and tasks end up running beyond the set limits.

We tried Task Session Time out (minutes) - this works, but this is at individual app level, which is not feasible to manually apply on each app. - Hence we are looking for a setting that can be enabled at environment level.


Has anyone faced such situation, please let us know if any suggestion.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Swapneel


Have you changed that setting on every reload candidate, including the Central Node (if it is set to Manager/Worker)?