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Limiting a dataset with a variable input

I have a table that is like this....

Base Fee Incentive Fee
100 -
- 100
500 -
400 -
- 300


I have created a variable input with three buttons: Show All, Base Fee, Incentive Fee

I am working on the functionality to limit the data now, but I cannot programmatically filter out the nulls for some reason.

I have tried: 

=if(Not isnull(len(trim(BASE_FEE))),BASE_FEE)

=if(not isnull(BASE_FEE), BASE_FEE)

=if(LEN(Trim(BASE_FEE)) > 0, BASE_FEE)

UPDATE: I have added this expression, which will make the null (-) a 0, but I am still unable to filter out the rows where BASE_FEE = 0

=if(Aggr(Alt([BASE_FEE],'0'),BASE_FEE) > 0, BASE_FEE)

I can find the BASE_FEE that is not null, but I cannot filter out the BASE_FEE that is null (which shows in the table as -).  I will wire all of the functionality into a variable once it is working, but for now I am just trying to hardcode to test.

Any ideas?

2 Replies

if BASEFEE is a dim, you can set the ignore null.  if you are are using it as a measure, try if using the modifier BASE_FEE={"*"} will help


BASE_FEE={"*"} will exclude rows with null BASE FEE in your calculation