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Contributor II
Contributor II

Line Chart Line Priority


I am trying to display a line chart with multiple years of data. However, I can not figure out how to bring the most recent year to the front. Other posts have suggested altering the sorting priority, however this did nothing.

I have included snapshots.

Any ideas?






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Hi if each year has it's own expression yuo can change the style of that expression to make it thicker.

In preentation->styling->click the add button and add a custom style for that expression.

As an alternative you can assign a different ARGB() color to each expression, using ARGB() you can give transperency so current year can have 0 transparecy al set the others on 96 or 128 to gain focus on current year.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thank you for the response, however I can not get this to work. The only way I have found to change the measures color to custom color is by making it a master measure... When I try to use the presentation colors, they are very silly and not presentable.

In QlikView and Tableau this is very simple, not sure why QlikSense needs to make everything so difficult for presenting data.


Hi, you are right, this should be easier, a box to set measure color like the tables had, or like it was done on QlikView.

I think the best option for now is to use the master measures.