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Line chart - colors by experssion and aggregation

Hi gurus,

So I am trying to change the color of a line chart depending on the rank of an indicator in a different expression

So I use the following expression :


  aggr(num(rank(aggr(count( {<  Group = {"hospitality"},statistic_id -= {"general_feeling"} , value ={">=3"}, status = {"approved"}> } [Feedbacks.%FEEDBACK]),statistic_id),4,1)),statistic_id)=Num(1), rgb(50,203,255),


  aggr(num(rank(aggr(count( {<  Group = {"hospitality"},statistic_id -= {"general_feeling"} , value ={">=3"}, status = {"approved"}> } [Feedbacks.%FEEDBACK]),statistic_id),4,1)),statistic_id)=Num(2),rgb(0,176,240),


  aggr(num(rank(aggr(count( {<  Group = {"hospitality"},statistic_id -= {"general_feeling"} , value ={">=3"}, status = {"approved"}> } [Feedbacks.%FEEDBACK]),statistic_id),4,1)),statistic_id)=Num(3),rgb(51,102,153),blue())



However the problem if  I use this expression in the line chart, plotting through time, for each date the rank is re-evaluated.

I am trying to make it consistent through time.

Any ideas ?

(I couldn't find any related issue, but please let me know if this is a duplicate)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Would you be able to share a sample to look at this issue?

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Hi stalwar1

Thank you for your answer, of course an example is better see in attachment.

The best way is for you to use the bookmark "Problem"

As you can there the color I expect for each line should match this :


How ever the graph color don't match :


So I can see that the problem come from the fact that we introduced the date in the line chart (I reproduced the same problem in a table),  I have been using the aggr function to solve this without any success. If you have any idea about how to solve it let me know.

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Any chance anyone have an answer on this ?