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Link Sales and Target Tables


I've used Qliksense to perform visualisations and its been a useful tool. I've hit an obstacle to which I hope someone here would be able to help with.

I have a sales table which has some key fields like High Level Sector, Sector along with other sales related fields. I also have a targets table which is set by Year, Month, High Level Sector, Sector and Target.

Now I have a visualisation I plan to create in a pivot table which shows the target set and the attainment in sales grouped by the High Level Sector and expand it down to Sector. The Year and Month fields will be in a filter pane.

My question is how best to create the data model to achieve the above? Should I create a mapping table of the targets table and get the specific target? Should I have a separate Target table with a link to the sales table? Or have the targets table as a data island?

Really appreciate your suggestions.


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Specialist III
Specialist III

if your both tables have the same fields except your measure columns, you should go for Concatenate both table, and in the frontend, the chart will automatically aggregate measure values