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Listbox Header Mashup


I'm creating a mashup and using listboxes to display the available selections to the users.

My problem is that using 

app.visualization.create('listbox', filter, {
        }).then(function (vis) {
1/ The listbox header doesn't show up. It only comes up when we make a selection b
y adding a new <div>  in the .qv-object-wrapper

2/ I can't trigger the menu to display by simulating a clik on the listbox. 
$('#listbox .qv-object-title.qvt-visualization-title').trigger('click') and $('#listbox .qv-object-title.qvt-visualization-title').click() won't work. I don't know why it's weird.

3/ When we make a selection and click on the validate button (that I'd like to by displayed straight away), the listbox doesn't disapear and remains. I can't listen to the events on the button by
$(document).on('click','.sel-toolbar-btn', function()[} ... 

Please, If someone has any idea other then creating the listbox directly in the application and calling them with a app.getObject()  (it would really slow down the mashup), share ! 

Thanks a lot for reading.
Thanks even more for the help.
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Creator II
Creator II

Hi, is this issue resolved? i am also facing issue here. please help.