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Login Module for Qliksense App



I am developing a web application which will show qliksense component in HTML web pages.

To add qliksense component in HTML page I am using Qlik Demo Tool QDT api with Angular Js.

Here I need help that I need to create Login Module for Qlik Sense Server.

Currently Authentication is happening as below:-

User will have acces to Qliksense Server
User have to login in qliksense  dev server, whihc use single sign on. like: www.<qliksense-server>.com/hub/

Then user will opne our web page and QDT will load required qliksense component with its appid and object id.

here If user is not logged in into qliksense server the No qliksense component will be visible in our HTMl page.

I need to create a login module (either with ticketing or session id )which will take user name and password and will hit qliksense server and show qliksense components in out web portal without login going to www.<qliksense-server>.com/hub/.


I wonder If there is any rest URL or api which will take user name ans password as post request and show response in json whether user is authorize or not. like we have below url to get user detail in json:-

"userDirectory": "INTRANET",
"userId": "krnarend",
"userName": "Krishnani, Narendra: RFT (PUN)",
"logoutUri": ""


Any help will be appreciated. Please advice

Thanks in Advance,

Narendra Krishnani



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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


I'm facing the same situation, did you find solution? 


David HG