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Map County on USA map

Hi All,

I am trying to plot County level data on a map (Qlik Sense Desktop) but unfortunately because of duplicate county names per state I am not able to do it successfully. This is resulting in plotting of a county pertaining to one state in a other State.

For Example:  County Named 'Lee County' exists in both Texas & Florida. 

But the correct state that is corresponding to the county in my data is for Texas only. However Qlik Sense puts Lee County in Florida.

I need to plot County level data across the United States not limiting to one state. Can some one let me know how to handle this scenario ?

As you can see in the image. I wanted to plot Texas counties on the map but  some American states share same county names causing the issue.  1) How can I restrict the counties to Texas alone ?  2) How can I do this for all the states in one map ?

Texas County.PNG







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