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Mash up navigation and speed question

Hi all,

I have a mashup I developed using the Dev Hub and I'm basically doing it so that it has bootstrap styled drop down buttons navigating to tabs which each contain an iframe of a native Qlik Sense app. I removed the top of the Qlik Sense app from being shown by playing around with the margins.

This option works well as it means I don't need to design where every widget needs to go and find the identifier for each object but there are 2 problems with embedding the native app in a mashup.

Firstly, the speed in this mashup style seems to be slower than if I were to go to the native app within Qlik Sense Hub. Not sure why that is and wanted to know if others know how to improve it?

Secondly, when the user hasn't been to the app in a few minutes, the option to either refresh the app or go back to the hub comes up. I don't want the users to be able to go back to the hub in the mashup so how have people handled that scenario?

Thank you!

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