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Creator III
Creator III

Mashup filter with same dimensions of different apps

I build a mashup on Qlik sense, and I imported objects from 2 different qlik sense apps. On those 2 different apps, there are some common dimensions (same names, same values).

Then, I would like to have a same behaviors when user filter by a common dimension, it means objects of both apps are reloaded with filters of selected values of same dimensions.

Is it feasible?


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May be this:

First of all you need to fetch the data from all your apps (createCube method ‒ Qlik Sense). Eventually merge them together and create a simple filter (select Box or multiple selection box), Then the trigger need to call the select Value methods on all the source app selectValues method ‒ Qlik Sense   .In this way a single selection impact all objects in your mashup, even id coming from different apps.

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks for your reply, it sounds feasible, I will try. I appreciate if you have any available example.


As of now, i don't have any example apps. Thank you.